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102 - Psychological aspects operating on the air traffic controller

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The profession of air traffic controller (ATC) is a highly demanding job that requires a high level of responsibility and stress resistance for its nature and complexity of work performed. Similarly, as the aircraft crew, air traffic controllers also belong to the aviation professionals who face high stress or trauma, depending on the experience.

ATC, often at larger airports can daily see, hear or try to assume a dangerous situation, possible conflicts, struggle with uncertainty about the accuracy of the information sent or heard.

ATC is aware of the responsibility for the lives of people in the aircraft which appear as only small dots on the radar screen. Extremely demanding on the ATC psyche are lost aircraft, accidents, collision, dangerous rapprochement, and failure of aircraft in flight, high-jacking, dangerous substances, bomb scare onboard and other misfortunes.

The aim of this paper is focused on the published knowledge about the psychological aspects of air traffic controllers, symptoms of stress and trauma that air traffic controllers can gain after incidents or accidents they have witnessed.

Finally it provides suggestions to help the ATC cope with stress and return back to work after without negative feelings and self blame.

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